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by Textile | May 22th, 2017 | 5 Shares | Tags : Program Reorganization 2017 Textile

In 2015 Textile Engineering Department has re-organized its B.Sc. program by adding new courses, changing course contents of some existing courses and rearranging offered courses in different semesters. Textile Engineering Department is now offering Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) as major subject. Academic Council of PAU approved offering Textile Engineering Management as major subjects. The entity is planning to offer Fashion Design and Merchandizing as major subject in near future. The University has submitted a proposal to offer M.Sc. degree to the UGC for approval. We understand that UGC in principle has approved the proposal based on faculty strength, laboratory, library facilities & course content with the condition that the M.Sc. program can be started when PAU has moved to its permanent campus. In reorganizing course content, adding new courses and rearranging offered courses in different semesters approval of the Faculties, Board Of Studies and Academic Council was taken after completing the required formalities.

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