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Head - Department of Biochemistry

Dr. Mohammad Mamunur Rashid

Assistant Professor and Chairman, Department of Biochemistry

Message From the Head

Welcome to the web page for the Department of Biochemistry, Primeasia University. As Head of the Department Biochemistry, I would like to thank you for your interest in our academic programs. We have prepared this website to acquaint you with our department.

This is an exciting time for the department as we are enjoying the fruits of a vigorous expansion phase over the past 8 years. The Department of Biochemistry provides an excellent scientific environment, with a friendly and supportive atmosphere, filled with energetic students, faculty, fellows, and staff. The Department currently has 12 primary tenure-track faculty members engaged in research and teaching with a focus on understanding the biochemical and molecular bases of fundamentally important biological processes.

A distinguishing feature of the Department of Biochemistry is its dedication to the task of integrating modern research in chemistry into an institution rich in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, pharmaceutical Chemistry, physiology, cell biology, neurobiochemistry, and clinical biochemistry.

Our under graduate programs are designed to provide students with a solid theoretical background in Biochemistry and to introduce students to the joy of participating in a challenging, creative research program. Our faculty view undergraduate students as developing investigators and partners in their research enterprises and are committed to their success and development as independent scientists.

We strive to educate our students so they develop the biochemical and molecular skills necessary to drive the current revolution in the biomedical sciences and communicate those findings to diverse audiences.