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Admission Requirements

For Undergraduate Programs

A student should have at least second division or minimum GPA 2.50 in both SSC & HSC examination or a minimum GPA of 2.00 in SSc or in HSC,combined total being not lower than 6.00.

A student must have at least 5 subjects in O level and 2 subjects in A Level (Must have B or GPA 4 in 4 subjects and C or GPA 3.5 in 3 subjects) in the scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1.

HSC Level Diploma holders are also eligible to take admission in Textile, EEE, CSE, Architecture, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Public Health Nutrition (PHN) and Intl. Tourism and Hospitality Management (ITHM).
{Course waiver allowed for Diploma holders for admission in B.Sc programs}

  1. Textile, EEE, CSE, Architecture: Candidate must have Math in HSC Level.
  2. Pharmacy, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Public Health Nutrition candidates must have Biology in HSC Level. (Pharmacy candidates must also have passed Math in HSC level. Otherwise they will have to pass a non-credit course in Math in 1st semester)

For Postgraduate Programs

  MBA (Regular): At Least a Bachelor degree with minimum 2nd Division/class or CGPA 2.00

  MBA (Executive): At Least a Bachelor degree with minimum 2nd division/class or CGPA 2.00 and 2 years work experience in any organization.

  MBA One year(special course waiver available for BBA & ITHM students): At least 4-years BBA AND ITHM degree with a minimum CGPA 2.80.

  M. Pharm: At least B. Pharm (Hons.) with minimum 2nd Division/class or CGPA 2.50

  MS in Microbiology: At least a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Microbiology Graduates in Biological Science, Biomedical science and Medical science or equivalent degree.

Admission Procedure

The completed application form must be submitted to the Admission Office with the following documents :

  Photo copies of all academic certificates and mark sheets.

  Three copies of recent passport size photographs.

  Admission Form on payment of Tk.500.00

  Admission Fee: TK.10,000 (Non Refundable).

  At least two years Job experince certificate (only for executive MBA).

  Apperred student may aslo apply for conditional admission.

Semester wise Payment system
Installment Percentage(%) Timing
1st Installment 50% During Advising/REgistration
2nd Installment 50% Before Midterm Exam

Tution Fee Waiver

For Undergraduate Programs:-

Serial Level of score: O&A level SSC & HSC (average) Excluding 4th subject Waiver / Scholarship Required CGPA
1 O level-5A’s in one sitting/7A’s in two sittings &A level-2A’s in one sittings 5.00 100% 3.50
2 O level-5A’s in two sittings & A level-2A’s in one sittings 4.80-4.99 75% 3.50
3 O level-4A’s in one sitting & A level-2A 4.60-4.79 60% 3.25
4 O level-4A’s in two sitting & A level -2B 4.40-4.59 40% 3.00
5 O level -3A’s in one sitting & A level-2B 4.00-4.39 30% 3.00
6 O level -3A’s in two sitting & A level-2B 3.50-3.99 20% 2.80
7 2.50-3.49 15% 2.80

Tuition Fee waiver for Diploma Students:-

Diploma Exams Waiver Required CGPA to continue waiver
CGPA 3.50-4.00 30% 3.00
Diploma passed students & below CGPA 3.50 20% 2.80

All categories of waiver rules for undergraduate students are subject to the condition that considered 2 years after passing HSC/Equivalent.

Additional Tuition Fee waiver for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs:-

Serial Waiver details Waiver/Scholarship Required CGPA
1 Tuition fee waiver for children of Freedom Fighters. 100% 2.80
2 *Siblings Waiver / *Spouse Waiver 30% 2.80
3 Corporate Waiver (MoU singed organization, 1 person) 30% 2.80
4 Corporate Waiver (Minimum 2 persons coming from same corporate organization) 15% 2.80
5 Tuition fee waiver for Primeasia students (Postgraduate Programs) 30% 2.80
6 Tuition fee waiver (MBA & MS. in Microbiology) 20% 2.80
7 Scholarship based on Semester result (CGPA – 3.75 and above) Students must take minimum 12 credits (16 credits for Pharmacy) 30%
8 Tuition fee waiver for female Students. 15%
  • One students will not get more than 75% waivers at a time (Except 100% waiver).
  • Tuition fee waiver will be applicable only to original tuition fees .No waiver is applicable for Lab & other fees per semester.
  • No waiver will be allowed in case of unadvised, dropout & internship.

Tution Fee Payment:-

All Payment should be made through any branch of Prime Bank Limited of Bangladesh

Account Name: Primeasia University

Bank Account No:

1 3 2 3 1 0 7 0 0 0 1 1 7 9

The University authority reserves the right to change the fee structure at any time.

Conditions apply