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The department has three laboratories equipped with Rotary Evaporator, ELISA Plate Reader, Autoclave Machine, Gel documentation Unit( Trans-illuminator, With UV Lamp), Spectrophotometer (UV Visible), Microwave oven, Analytical Balance, Bench Top Digital pH Meter, Laboratory Incubator, Micro Centrifuge Machine, Laboratory Oven, Bench Top Centrifuge Machine, Digital Shaking Water Bath, Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate, 20cft Refrigerator, Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Unit, Microscope, Water Distillation Plant, Vortex Mixture, Digital Micropipettes, chemicals, reagents, glassware, and other perishable and non-perishable supplies to offer biochemical experimentations.

Major expansion of these laboratories is currently going on to further facilitate diversified biochemical, immunologic, and molecular-genetic experimentations. Laboratory experimentations are routine to reinforce learning in the classroom. Current laboratory techniques involved spectroscopy, light microscopy, cell fractionation, and different biochemical techniques for the first and second year undergraduate students. Advanced laboratory facilities for biotechnology will be available soon.

The Biochemistry department has the following state of art laboratory facilities::

Our Laboratory

Phytochemical Screening Lab

Room: 801, HBR Tower

Biochemistry Lab

Room: 802, HBR Tower

Molecular Biology Lab

Room: 906, HBR Tower